SONR Tempo

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SONR Tempo

$ 99.00 USD
$ 79.00 USD
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Personal pace coach

Swim pacer function offers the possibility to set and monitor the stroke rate of different frequency.

Long swim laps performance

With SONR swim pacer swimmers feel lap-by-lap motivation in long distance courses and increase their endurance over training.

Training efficiency enhance

Use SONR Tempo in short distance laps to become faster, to syncronize your strokes and improve your lap efficiency.

Two-option pacer

Set the pace and select the audio signal or choose to listen to a playlist in your pace range.

Open-ear comfort

Bone-conduction technology ensures bud-free listening all day, in or out of the water.

Package includes:

SONR Tempo

Charging cable

Ear plugs

*Colorful receivers available for pre-order only

Care Instructions:

1. Rinse with non-chlorinated water and wipe it after use.

2. Do not attempt to charge the device while wet.

3. Keep the device away from direct sunlight or hot places.

4. Do not press on the back side of SONR Tempo. This may damage the bone-conductor.

5. Recommended: Clean the charging pins using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

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